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A Little Background...

     I've been in photography for over 15 years, but what separates me from the rest..?  Well first, I'm MeLLisa with two L's, and my take on photography is just as unique!  I also run a small Facebook page called "Be The Joy!" because I think we should find at least one person a day to impart simple and sincere Joy to.

     I have been obsessed with taking pictures since I was a child, always with a camera in hand, snapping and investing in my own JOY with lasting memories.  Even when our minds start to forget... one Photo can bring it all back!  I believe photos are the physical manifestation of our mind's eye.  In a world of smart phones and social media, it's even MORE important now to have someone ELSE behind the camera to expertly and creatively capture those moments WHILE YOU LIVE THEM!  I'm always honored to share those moments that will last for generations with you!  This is truly my Joy.

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Mellisa DeLacy

Cell (702)755-3510

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