I'm Mellisa, and the man at my side is Keith - the M & K behind MK DeLacy Photography!  A dedicated Husband and Wife team, I'm generally the eyes behind the camera and Keith paints our subjects with creative lighting.  I've been photographing weddings, families, babies, and more for almost 20 years, and Keith has a background in art and graphic design, and together our talents are multiplied!  We are based out of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, and we adore travel... so don't hesitate to ask for that destination or out-of-town shoot! 

   As far as style goes, we use natural and creative lighting to turn beautiful memories into spectacular art for your home and work.  And while anyone can take a cellphone picture and put a filter on it, our standard is something elevated and special.  For example, you may notice our appreciation of fine-art styling and dramatic flair, our friendly and dedicated approach to sessions, or how we're constantly expanding our creative boundaries, because our drive is to give you, our client, that particular spice of life you're looking for.  From beautifully rich colors, to time-defying black & white... mysteriously dark, to bright and airy, we'll power your vision with our studio finesse to achieve that elusive session you've been daydreaming about. 

   We hold the belief that photographs are among the most valuable material things that people can possess.  They have no replacement, since those moments are unique to our lifetime.  For that reason, they are often the first, if not only thing saved when a home must be unexpectedly abandoned.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but memories are what we count... and we sincerely honor and respect yours.

   So with that in mind, we thank you for getting acquainted, and invite you to look through our portfolio and let your imagination and/or business needs inspire your next photo shoot with us!