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Las Vegas Wedding Photographers Mellisa and Keith DeLacy

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Envision your fairytale brought to life in images blending classic elegance with modern energy, celebrated in our signature evocative, touch-of-noir aesthetic...  This is our sincere calling, to showcase your legacy

in stunning art that you'll love for a lifetime. 


We are Mellisa and Keith DeLacy, a dynamic husband and wife team of

wedding photographers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We cherish the opportunity to be your premiere choice of 

Las Vegas Wedding Photographers.

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 Shelby was stunning, she was wearing her mother's wedding dress from 1984.  It was all lace, and classically beautiful, timeless even.  Her mother clasped her necklace and was holding back tears as her little girl became her own woman right in that moment.  When her Daddy took her hand and led her to the floor for their dance... I had to set my camera down and cry.. not just because this was my baby sister, but because the pure love and joy of our father's face and hers overwhelmed me.  I was blessed to capture all of it.


  I've had a camera in my hand since I was around 6 years old.  My Granny always made sure to have film in her camera every time I visited her. In later years this would prove more valuable than gold when in 1995 she passed away, and the family realized they didn't have many current images of her because she didn't like having her picture taken, except when one happy, silly, and curious little girl wanted to take her picture.  All sorts of coffee drinking, crossword puzzle doing, cooking in her kitchen shots taken from a child's height looking up in awe and love of her Granny. 

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  In 2016 I met my husband (The "K" in MK DeLacy, and DeLacy patriarch).  I told him I "take pictures", and he told me that was sweet.  I know, don't come for him yet ladies... (LOL)  As our relationship progressed, so did his love and understanding of photography.  With him I was able to grow as an artist, as he helped me grasp the technical side and how to understand light.  That combined with his graphic design and editing talents took me, and inevitably US, to the next level.

Then he joined me in shooting his first wedding, of a high school friend of mine.  He was IN!  We learned that together we had the ability and desire to create something more than pictures of a wedding, but to paint a picture of a sacred, beautiful, and authentic moment, sealing it in time.

  So that is what we do, and how we see your wedding, one of the greatest bonds two people can willingly make.  You've imagined this moment for a long time, and it's our job-- no, our Privilege, to capture it, preserve it, and treat it as a lasting part of history.  To us your pictures have no lesser value than the Mona Lisa itself. 

We look forward to crying with you, laughing with you, and being the quiet (most of the time) observer, documenting your story as it's written and experienced. 


~Mellisa and Keith     

Las Vegas Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photographers, Las Vegas NV

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Let our experience and insight save you time and maybe even make you laugh!

We get it.  Everyone's telling you something different, but you just want to know you're getting the absolute best photography for you money... Because redoing an entire wedding is

a bit inconvenient.

Neon lights and showgirls, slot machines and sequined suits...  That's Vegas, baby... Right?

Well yes, but actually no.  

Consider these breathtaking outdoor locations and elegant venues that might just make your jaw drop.

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"Mellisa and Keith were the

highlight of my wedding day..."


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