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Eloping to Vegas? You don't have to get married by Elvis!

When you think Las Vegas you think Casinos, Mobsters, Bright Lights, Elvis and Drive-Thru Weddings...

But there's more... SO MUCH MORE!



Dry lake Beds

Ghost Towns

The list is almost endless... almost.

Some places have little to no fees... just get your officiant and your best friends and family and hit the road.

When people think of destination weddings they think... Cancun, Mexico, Hawaii, even Paris, London, and Scotland.

Lush landscapes.. beautiful waters... mountains, castles..

But have you looked at Vegas lately?

Walk away from the strip with me... lets stop first at:

Nelson Ghost Town

Have you seen this place? Step back in time and literally onto a movie set... The planes were used as props for the movie “3,000 Miles to Graceland.” This ghost town is a popular area for use in movie backdrops, photo shoots and music videos. The National Geographic Channel’s “Brain Games” was filmed in Nelson, as were the movies “Eye of the Beholder” and “Breakdown.”

Epic isn't even the word to describe this place. And you can get married here!

want beauty, a feeling of the past , and AFFORDABLE ?

You can get Married with 10 people for as little as $100!

Want to use their gorgeous rustic chapel? Well that's just $50 more.. and for every additional 10 people its another 50.. so let say you and 50 people want to use this for a intimate wedding with gorgeous mountains antique cars and rustic fall out appeal? Your are lookin around $350, $400 dollars?? Then go ahead and rent the BBQ section for your outdoor reception!

A small 1-hours drive from the strip and you have a one of a kind experience !

Click here for their website!

Next on our list of Places:

Our own "Secret" Lake Bed

Ok not secret but it isn't where most people go when you google dry lake beds in Nevada..

Go north on 15 past the speedway there's a lil spot that I cannot even give you the address for , I always have to have clients meet me at the Loves Station off the 15 to show them.. but I will do my best with a picture of maps..

but its FREEEEEE!

You heard me right.. grab your friends jump in a truck or SUV and off we go!

Click here for the Google Maps link!

This place is used for dirt bikes, 4 wheelers , drag racing you name it.. vast wide and epic mountain views.. simplicity at its most beautiful and finest..

we had the pleasure of taking many couples here.. one even brought their antique Chevy!

Floyd Lamb Park

A park? For little kids right...? You couldn't be more wrong. Think peacocks, geese, trees, lawns, pavilions, gazebo... it's got a little bit of everything, from desert landscape to wooded areas, lush lawns, a miniature lake, streams, a water wheel, tiny antiquated buildings, and more.

And here's the best thing!

To host a wedding at Floyd Lamb, it costs $100 per permit with a two-hour minimum for up to 200 guests (for just the park area). For 200-400 guests, it's $150 and goes up by $50 for every 200 guests after that.

Click here for a link to their page!

Now, this Next Place is if you want Beautiful Adventure wedding:

The Twilight Zone

Look up The Twilight Zone... Nope not kidding... near Mount Charleston. I know because it is actually where I said "I Do" to my own sweetheart (Mr. DeLacy your lighting and Photoshop Artist).

Plenty of parking and space, and about an hour outside the main city. Austere, Romantic... It's where the desert meets the mountains, with a cliff to stand out on, mini mountains that you can take a little hike up to really feel like you're on the edge of the world. Not recommended for elderly grandparents, but again there is an easily accessible cliffside as an easier option. Also, if you're planning a wedding there between November and May... Bundle up. It's just off the mountains soo it gets chilly.

It was 75 in the valley that late April day that we got married, but by the time we got to our spot it dropped to a chilly 55 and was windy! LOL

My husband compared it to a Game of Thrones setting and aesthetic.

So there they are; four budget friendly options for beautiful wedding locations, so you can spend a little more on the dress, food, honeymoon... and of course, AMAZING PICTURES from your favorite photographers! (Nudge nudge, wink wink)



Tell us where you want to say "I do"!

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